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After several years of expanding his mind & traveling the world w/ rock group Issues, Tyler Accord aka Lophiile, is just beginning a new chapter as a full-time producer/artist. With a vast background & appreciation for music ranging from jazz to hardcore to hip-hop, Lophiile has honed in on his own style & sound. Having already worked with the likes of Skrillex, Zedd, & Pvris, it’s time we learn about the man behind the soundboard.

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Where is home-base & what have you been up to?

I just moved to Santa Monica with the Grey dudes and producer Getyoursnackon. I’m currently producing for a ton of other artists and working on a bunch of remixes. Just loading up the cannon for next year basically.

Don’t keep us in the dark — Who are some of these artists you’ve got stuff in the works with?

Just to name a few, I’ve been working on music with Gallant, Matt Koma, Moss Kena, Skrillex, and recently had a cool session with Kendrick Lamar.

What is Lophiile?

 Pronuciation: Low-File

Lophiile is a mix of the words Low Profile. Basically just describes my likeness, and how I like to go about things. The name change (previously Scout) was basically a testament to my new chapter I’m embarking on. Plus no one else in the world has it. I’m hyped.

After being on the road for a large portion the past few years, how has it been adjusting to a more constant setting?

It’s honestly really nice. It was so hard to get inspired on the road, and tiring to try and create while in the midst of a touring schedule. Sometimes I do miss the road however, traveling new places was the best part of touring.

Has there been a place you’ve travelled to and were like “I could live here”?

London for sure. Only difficult thing is waking up every morning to find out what happened in America while I slept. I feel a little out of the loop. But in some ways I suppose that’s good for focus.

How did you get your start in music?

Growing up my mom was a singer, and my dad played trumpet. They both exposed me to music very early on and both had a love for it. I definitely adopted their obsession as a youngin, and it only grew. In high school I started to learn theory and songwriting, then went on to Jazz school after I graduated. I’ve been in and out of a ton of bands and projects over the years, but never really excelled at anything until I discovered beatmaking and production. I moved to LA about 5 years ago with $350 to my name and been grinding ever since haha.

What is some of your inspiration outside of music?

I love snowboarding, and have been getting into rock climbing. In the summer my dad, brother, and I stay outside doing various hikes, backing packing trips, and mountain bike rides. Mostly in Washington state. Being active clears my head and gives me a much needed break from the computer desk. I don’t watch much TV or movies besides House of Cards. I’m convinced it’s the best show ever made.

Do you see yourself solely on the production side or can we look forward to some more ’Lophiile’ originals?

Get you a man who can do both! Haha. I enjoy being behind the scenes for sure, something rewarding about totally nailing a project for another artist and watching them shine and grow. It’s basically what I’ve been focusing on since I left Issues. Meanwhile I am building up my repertoire and want to really pursue my own project eventually. I guess I’m still just exploring my sound. When I’m ready I will work on an album and try to make it the best thing anyone’s ever heard. For now I’m still in ‘practice’ mode.

We’ve seen you cross paths with Zedd & Skrillex… how did that cultivate?

After I decided to pursue production full time, I decided to try my hand at Zedd’s remix competition. I was blessed to find out that I took first place a few months after I entered! I was incredibly stoked. He and his manager Dave Rene contacted me to do another remix, so I did one for Beautiful Now. They both ended up really digging it, and Dave asked if I would be interested in him also managing me. So now the team is Zedd, Grey, and Lophiile and I couldn’t be more content!

As for Skrillex I met him 4 or so years ago as an intern at Atlantic. Before Issues existed, right when I moved down here. I was engineering a session he was doing with Ellie Goulding, and we just hit it off kinda. I showed him some music and he dug it. I was hyped! We didn’t talk or see each other for years after that, but as soon as I stopped touring with Issues his mgmt hit me up to engineer for him again. I did for a few months, and showed him some of my new music, including the Zedd remixes. He actually really dug it and invited me to start working on some music with him.

You made a cameo in the new Issues video for ‘The Realest’, did you play any role in the production of the upcoming record?

Yep! I was still fully involved in the new record as the others. Wrote all the songs with everyone, produced everything with Kris Crummett, and did the electronics. I’m actually super proud of this record!

Is there a specific track you’re most proud of on the Issues record?

I tend to try and not play favorites. Because each song took an insane amount of effort. But listening back I can’t kid myself, sometimes certain songs just really move me. Currently super into Blue Wall and Rank Rider. Both songs are super heavy which I’m always partial to. But also can’t get enough of the funk in The Realest. It’s hard to choose, man!



What do you find yourself listening to lately?

A lot of soundcloud producers, future beats, future bass, and some dubstep haha. But I’ve also been hooked on Bryson Tillers album since the day it came out. Still love the latest Code Orange record, Abandon All life by Nails, all of Meshuggah’s discography, and the last Those Who Fear record. And so so much random stuff in between. I’m constantly listening to music and constantly trying to find more of it.

Anything we can look forward to in the future that people might not know about?
A lot of music that I’ve been working on is coming out in various places, so stay tuned to my socials to see what’s up!

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